Simicur Lamicur compositum veterinary homeopathy, for horses

  • Simicur Lamicur compositum veterinary homeopathy, for horses

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Simicur Lamicur is a homeopathic tincture of Simicur against inflammation of the laminae and laminitis in horses. Tinctures of Simicur are composed of strong dilutions of Herbal extracts, based on Homeopathy and Fytotherapy.

LAMICUR - compositum for hooves and inflammation of the laminae

Lamicur is a homeopathic tincture in a 100 ml dropper bottle of SIMICUR for oral use in horses and ponies.
Lamicur is composed on the basis of homeopathy and phytotherapy from highly diluted plant extracts:

  •      Ledum palustre 6X (expectorant)
  •      Arnica montana D6 (anti-inflammatory)

Application: Administered to the feed Lamicur ensures for optimal metabolism, creating a healthy development and maintenance of hooves and hoof corium . Therefore Lamicur can be administered in inflammation of the laminae, which is accompanied by heat and stinging pains. Indications are acute laminitis and hypersensitivity to laminitis.

Effect: Laminitis is inflammation of the sensitive structures in the hoof called the lamellae.The laminae are responsible for supporting the pedal bone in the hoof and thus the weight of the animal. As laminitis develops the attachment of the pedal bone to the hoof wall starts to fail, leaving the pedal bone to rotate and point towards the sole, and in the worst cases to sink right through it. The anti-inflammatory effect of arnica and the toxins removing effect of Ledum, Lamicur can be used as prevention in susceptible horses, under the condition that Lamicur is applied regularly and early. For an existing laminitis Lamicur ensures that the harmful toxins are flushed out.

Dosage: Lamicur to be administered orally in the drinking water or directly into the mouth in the following dosages:

Horse/Pony: 30 drops 2 x daily

Content: 100 ml = 2250 drop

Notes: For horses that are sensitive to laminitis, you should give Lamicur already some weeks before the horse is going out into the pasture in the spring.



Indications for Lamicur are:

inflammation of the laminae    


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