Simicur Tranquicur compositum veterinary homeopathy, for horses, dogs and cats

  • Simicur Tranquicur compositum veterinary homeopathy, for horses, dogs and cats

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Application: anxiety (fireworks, storms), nervousness, male dog behavior, urine spraying of cats

TRANQUICUR - compositum for anxiety and nervousness

Tranquicur is a homeopathic tincture in a 100 ml dropper bottle of SIMICUR for oral use in dogs, cats, horses and ponies.
Tranquicur is composed on the basis of homeopathy and phytotherapy from highly diluted plant extracts:

  •     Passiflora incarnata D3 (calming)
  •     Valeriana officinalis D6 (nervous disorders)
  •     Hypericum perforatum 6X (psycho-regulating)

Application: Tranquicur has a calming and regulatory effect on the psyche.

Tranquicur has a calming effect on the animal without any relaxation of the muscles . Tranquicur is indicated for excessive anxiety and hypersensitivity to environmental stimuli. In males Tranquicur has a calming effect on the behavior and has a calming effect on horses and horses who are nervous during competitions. In these cases Tranquicur is given half an hour before, a dose of 4.0 ml into the mouth.

Effect: Passiflora incarnata is mildly sedative and has a entspanende effect on the intestinal muscles. Valeriana officinalis has a regulating effect in nervous agitation. Hypericum perforatum has a regulating effect on psyche psychological disorders. Therefore Tranquicur soothes animals, which have a tendency greatly upset and thereby show a different behavior without causing drowsiness or decreased muscle activity.

Dosage: Tranquicur to be administered orally through the lining in the drinking water or directly into the mouth in the following dosages:

Horse/Pony: 30 drops 2 x daily
Dogs: 2 x daily 15-25 drops
Cat: 2 x daily 10-15 drops

Content: 100 ml = 2250 drop

Note: By Tranquicur does not cause drowsiness or decreased muscle action, the agent is particularly suitable for horses who are nervous before the competition. Inject this one hour before the competition 4 ml Tranquicur immediately in the mouth.


Indications for Tranquicur are:

Horse/Pony Dogs Cat
anxiety anxiety (Storms, fireworks) anxiety
nervousness calming effect on the behavior of male dogs urine spraying of cats


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