Simicur Osteocur compositum veterinary homeopathy, for horses, dogs and cats

  • Simicur Osteocur compositum veterinary homeopathy, for horses, dogs and cats

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Indications: periostitis, growth pain, hip dysplasia, arthritis, navicular disease,  bone spavin, osteochondrosis OCD, elbow dysplasia, bone fractures, inflamed synovium (joint fluid), podotrochlosis

OSTEOCUR - compositum for bones and joints

Osteocur is a homeopathic tincture in a 100 ml dropper bottle of SIMICUR for oral use in dogs, cats, horses and ponies.
Osteocur is composed on the basis of homeopathy and phytotherapy from highly diluted plant extracts and minerals:

  •     Symphytum off D3 (tissue regeneration)
  •     Viscum album D6 (regulates blood pressure)
  •     Arnica montana 6X (tissue Tailoring)
  •     Calcarea D8 (regulates Kalkstoffwechsel)

Application: Administered to the feed Osteocur ensures for optimal metabolism. This manifests itself by a healthy development and maintenance of bones and joints. Therefore Osteocur kan be applied to bone diseases, which are accompanied by growths or changes in bone structure. Indications are osteoarthritis, periostitis and diseases of .joint cartilage and joint fluid (synovial fluid). Particularly specifically for horses with navicular disease and bone spavin and for dogs with Hip dysplasia

Effect: overloading, poor condition and a poor metabolism can cause the emergence of a different structure in one or more bones. By regulating effect on the blood flow in the bones and the calcium metabolism, Osteocur has a postitive effect on the bone structure. Symphytum has a mitigating and analgesic effect and improves blood circulation. Improved blood flow to the bone feed is also provided by Viscum that stimulates the blood supply to the bone. The restoration of the bone is promoted by Arnica, which is supported by Calcarea.

Dosage: Osteocur to be administered orally through the lining in the drinking water or directly into the mouth in the following dosages:

Horse/Pony: 30 drops 2 x daily
Dogs: 2 x daily 15-25 drops
Cat: 2 x daily 10-15 drops

Content: 100 ml = 2250 drop


Indications for Osteocur are:

Horse/Pony Dog Cat
podotrochlosis(navicular disease) Hip dysplasia osteoarthritis
chronic arthritis growing pains bone fractures
periosteum inflammation osteoarthritis  


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