Simicur Glandulacur compositum veterinary homeopathy, for horses, dogs and cats

  • Simicur Glandulacur compositum veterinary homeopathy, for horses, dogs and cats

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Indications: Inflamed / congested anal glands, gland abscess, sinusitis, otitis media (chronic) bronchitis, colds, sore ears (otitis), fistulas, mammary glands / mastitis, Hoof ulcer, strangles in horses

GLANDULACUR - compositum for glands and inflammation

Glandulacur is a homeopathic tincture in a 100 ml dropper bottle of SIMICUR for oral use in dogs, cats, horses and ponies.
Glandulacur is composed on the basis of homeopathy and phytotherapy from highly diluted plant extracts and minerals:

  •      Phytolacca D3 (hardening of glands)
  •      Sulphur 6X (inflammation)
  •      Silicea D6 (swollen glands)

Application: Administered to the feed, Bronscur ensures for optimal metabolism, resulting in a healthy and normal response to inflammation is ensured. Therefore Glandulacur  is indicated  in inflammation of glands, such as salivary glands and lymph nodes (strangles) in horses,inflamed anal glands in dogs and can be applied to inflamed ears. Glandulacur is also applicable to chronic sensitivity of the lungs (chronic bronchitis), inflammation of the throat, and inflammation of the mammary glands.

Effect: Glandulacur is applied to enhance the  bodies defenses against inflammation in the glands. Phytolacca acts specifically on inflammation in the glands, for glands that harden. Silica has a regulating effect on persistent inflammation, while sulfur as constitutional and chronic metabolic means, responsive low inflammatory processes activated.

Dosage: Glandulacur to be administered orally through the lining in the drinking water or directly into the mouth in the following dosages:

Horse/Pony: 30 drops 2 x daily
Dogs: 2 x daily 15-25 drops
Cat: 2 x daily 10-15 drops

Content: 100 ml = 2250 drop


Indications for Glandulacur are:

Horse/Pony Dog Cat
strangles in horses Inflamed / congested anal glands abscess
chronic bronchitis sore ears (otitis bronchitis
abscess, fistula Inflamed / congested mammary glands,mastitis cat flu
sinusitis abscess, fistula  
Inflamed / congested mammary glands,mastitis    
hoof ulcers    
entzündeten ohrspeicheldrüsen    


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