Virbac Movoflex Soft Chews for Dogs

  • Virbac Movoflex Soft Chews for Dogs

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Weight:S < 15 Kg 30 chews

Price: € 32.25
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Weight:M 15 bis 35 Kg 30 chews

Price: € 35.25
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Weight:L > 35 Kg 30 chews

Price: € 38.40
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This supplement for dogs of all ages, sizes and activity levels, supports cartilage structure, helps lubricate joints and enhances bone health.

This supplement for dogs of all ages, sizes and activity levels features a unique ingredient blend that:  

      •    Supports cartilage structure

      •    Helps lubricate joints

      •    Enhances bone health

Many active, mature, and large breed dogs can benefit from a joint supplement. Movoflex® Soft Chews provide a unique, egg shell membrane-based joint supplement to support dog's activity, flexability and mobility.

A synergistic effect thanks to 5 unique ingredients:

  • The key ingredient Egg shell membrane: An innovative ingredient derived from chicken eggs. Rich in various building blocks (collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate) naturally present in joints that support joint flexibility and elasticity.
  • Boswellia serrata extract: Obtained from the resin of the frankincense tree. Long proven and used to help maintain joint health and improve mobility.
  • Krill: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids known for their joint support function. Obtained from a sustainable source.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (high and low molecular weight): Important for viscoelasticity and lubrication of synovial fluid and support of joint structures.
  • Astaxanthin: A very powerful antioxidant derived from the alga Haemotococcus pluvialis, known for its protective effects against oxidative stress.

Indication examples:

  • for joint problems (osteoarthrosis)
  • after joint surgery
  • in physiotherapy/rehabilitation
  • with heavy joint stress (agility, hunting, duty or rescue)
  • for dogs with a known genetic predisposition

Scientifically proven effects of Movoflex in dogs with mobility problems:

Visible results from 7 days

Maximum improvement already achieved after 15 days

For dogs of all sizes, ages and activity levels. Suitable for long-term use. Available in three different sizes with 30 Chews each. 

Movoflex® Soft Chews are designed to be easy to give:

Just one chew per day

Soft chew formulation makes it a "treat" to give!

Highly palatable - 98% acceptance.1

​Natural chicken flavouring

No loading dose required. (Other products may require extra loading dose for up to 6 weeks)

Gluten, sugar, shellfish, and salt free formulation is suitable for dogs with certain dietary restrictions. 

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