Traumisal Homeopathic Ampoules and Drops for Animals

  • Traumisal Homeopathic Ampoules and Drops for Animals

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The therapeutic uses correspond to the veterinary Homeopathy-Materia Medica: injuries, trauma in accidents, reabsorption of hematomas, for slow healing wounds, prevention against wound infections after surgery.

WERAVET Traumisal homeopathic medicinal product for animals, horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs, cats.

indications for use;
The indication areas correspond to the veterinary Homeopathy-Materia Medica,


  • All sorts of injuries, prains and bruising
  • Trauma in accidents
  • reabsorption of hematomas
  • For slow, poorly healing wounds
  • Prevention of wound infection after surgery

Active ingredient:
Arnica montana C 30


Useful information for reference and educational purposes only;


The active principle in Traumisal is Arnica montana, also known as mountain arnica, leopard's bane or mountain tobacco. The arnica plant, which has brilliant yellow flowers, grows in mountainous regions of Europe and Siberia. Used is the dried rhizome.

Arnica is a homeopathic polychrest (this is the term used in homeopathy for a remedy that has many uses). It is the primary homeopathic medicine against the consequences of trauma.

Homeopatic Mode of Action;

    on the heart
    arterial vascular system
    venous vascular system
    gastrointestinal system

in particular

    after accidents
    for consequences of injuries, sprains and bruises

Main symptoms are sore, lame, contused feeling in the entire body, as if one had been crushed. Every bed seems too hard, continuous tossing and turning in search of a soft place. Afraid of being touched.

The treatment of injuries of various types are among the most frequent problems in the veterinary practice. Accidents, biting, but also operations result in traumatisation of tissue with and without interrupted connections. Puncture and cut wounds, distortions (sprains, strains), contusions. broken bones, luxations (dislocations), bruises and hematomas are mentioned here are the most important ones.
In addition, arnica effects the granulation of wounds and the reabsorption of hematomas.
It is therefore advisable to administer Traumisal as soon as possible after accidents and other tissue injuries that result in traumatisation.
In this context, homeopathic medicines are capable of influencing the course of healing favourable, reducing the pain sensation and diminishing the tendency to bleed.

In addition, painful conditions due to intervertebral disk disease and chronic joint diseases are definitely improved by Traumisal.
It works as a muscle tonic, e.g. for myalgias due to overstrain. Similarly, the consequences of much older injuries are favourably affected.
Muscle and nerve pain subsequent to physical exertion (riding horses, hunting dogs) are improved with arnica.
For cats arnica is the painkiller of choice, since cats react extremely sensitively to the majority of allopathic painkillers (gastric mucosal irritations, emesis).


Qualitative and quantitative composition of the drops for oral use;

1 ml (981,89 mg) Traumisal contains:
active ingredients:
Arnica montana Dil. C30 99.55 mg
Other ingredients:
Ethanol 43% (m / m), purified water
The product contains 18% (v / v) alcohol

Qualitative and quantitative composition of the ampoules for injection (also for oral use);
1 ampoule of 2 ml (2010.1 mg) contains:
Medically active ingredient:
Arnica montana Dil. C 30    199,1 mg
Other components:
Sodium chloride, Water for injection



Dosing with individual and daily specifications, type and duration of use

drops; To enter in the diet or drinking water.
Best solved into drinking water or bread, or in about 10 ml of water over the feed.

Horse 20 drops
Cattle 20 drops
Pig 15 drops
Sheep 15 drops
Goat 15 drops
Dog 10 drops
Cat 10 drops

Duration of treatment:
2 times a day until the onset of healing.
The administration of the drug should not be longer than until complete healing of the anima


Dosing with individual and daily specifications, type and duration of use
Ampoules; For intravenous, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection. (also for oral use);

Horses 3-4 ml
Cattle 3-4 ml
Pigs 2-3 ml
Sheep 2-3 ml
Goats 2-3 ml
Dogs 1-3 ml
Cats 1-3

Duration of treatment:
In acute conditions the injection should be repeated after 1 - 2 days, otherwise the repetition occurs after 4 - 8 days.
The administration of the drug should not be longer than until complete healing of the animal.

Withdrawal period:
Horses, cattle, sheep, goat, pig meat and offal: 0 days
Horses, cattle, sheep, goat milk: 0 days

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