Heel Zeel comp. N ointment homeopathy

  • Heel Zeel comp. N ointment homeopathy

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Zeel comp N ointment is a homeopathic combination product (complex) for the treatment of rheumatic joint pain. Zeel comp N ointment relieves pain and inflammation and swelling can to joints and soft tissues in small and large pets.

Rheumatism is now a generic term for various diseases. This mainly affects joints, tendons and bursae and muscles and connective tissue. But animals with different rheumatic diseases suffer from similar symptoms, such as Restriction of movement and pain.

Rhus D2 0.270 g, Arnica montana D20, 300 g, Dulcamara D2 0.075 g, Sanguinaria canadensis D2 0.225 g, Sulphur 6X 0.270 g


Morning and evening, apply the ointment to the affected areas and as in the knee joint rub a 4-5 cm long ointment strand.

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