Heel Hepar compositum homeopathy

  • Heel Hepar compositum homeopathy

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Homeopathic tablets to stimulate the detoxification function of the liver in acut and chronic liver damage.

This damage may be, hepatitis (liver inflammation), cholecystitis, cholangitis and as a supporting treatment for skin problems

Hepar suis Dil. D8
Cyanocobalaminum Dil. D4
Duodenum suis Dil. D10
Thymus suis Dil. D10
Colon suis Dil. D10
Vesica fellea suis Dil. D10
Pancreas suis Dil. D10
Dil China. D4
Lycopodium Dil. D4
Chelidonium Dil. D4
Carduus marianus Dil. D3
Dil histamine. D10
Sulfur Dil. D13
Avena sativa Dil. D6
Sodium oxalaceticum Dil. D10
Oxoglutaric Dil. D10
DL-Malic acid Dil. D10
Dil fumaric acid. D10
Calcarea Hahnemanni Dil. D28
Taraxacum Dil. D4
Cynara scolymus Dil. D6
Veratrum Dil. D4
Dil lipoic acid. D8
Dil orotic acid. D6

Side effects are not known at this product!


Horses, cattle 5-6 tablets 3 times a day.
Foals, calves, pigs 5 tablets 3 times a day.
Sheep, goat 3-6 tablets 3 times a day.
Dog, cat 2 - 3 tablets 3 times a day.
Birds 1 - 2 tablets crush and dissolve in 10 ml of water.
Rodents 1/4 of the tablet 3 times daily.

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