Virbac Sebocalm Shampoo moisturises dry and normal skin

  • Virbac Sebocalm Shampoo moisturises dry and normal skin

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A soap-free, hypoallergenic shampoo to control and relieve itching . Moisturises dry and normal skin. Helps maintain optimum skin and coat condition. (dandruff) and regular care. It  moisturizes and restores the coat and gives it a silky shine. 

Virbac Sebocalm Shampoo moisturises dry and normal skin

Sebocalm was developed to prevent and reduce problems related to dry seborrhoea (that give a wax-like appearance to the coat) or for regular cleaning (maintenance shampoo). Sebocalm is specifically formulated for dogs' and cats' skin (pH-neutral, protects the hydrolipidic surface film). Sebocalm can be used together with other treatment shampoos.

Gentle cleaning bases, urea (5%) and glycerin (1%) in free and encapsulated forms (spherulites). Contains chitosanide. pH 7.

Sebocalm is a daily care shampoo that is non-irritating and does not remove the protective lipidic layer of the coat. It has hydrating, filmogenic and restoring properties.

Shake Sebocalm bottle before use. Apply Sebocalm after moistening the coat with warm water. Work Sebocalm into the coat with circular movements. Lather into the wet coat, leave on for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly with clear water.

Sebocalm is for external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. Store Sebocalm at temperatures below 30°C. Sebocalm is formulated to reduce risks of allergic reactions (contains no allergenic substances).

Sebocalm to the previously moistened with lukewarm water fur
Apply. Distributed uniformly in the coat and massage to foam. Leave for 5 minutes. Then rinse the shampoo thoroughly with clean water.

It can be advised to use twice weekly application if necessary. Sebocalm can also be used in alternation with the other shampoo.

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