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Animology Derma Dog Dog Shampoo has been specially developed for the delicate skin of dogs, perfume-free and enriched with vitamins and conditioner

Animology Derma Dog is a fragrance-free dog shampoo with nourishing ingredients, designed specifically for the delicate skin of dogs.

Product advantages:

  • Fragrance-free, the shampoo for gentle skin cleansing is fragrance free. Thus, it protects the skin of your dog and prevents irritation.
  • Neutral pH, the pH balanced cleans the skin and coat gently but thoroughly.
  • Enriched with vitamins and conditioner; With additional vitamins and skin care ingredients this mild shampoo keeps the dog's coat clean and soft for a long time. The skin gets a healthy glow.

The award of the "Best Product 2010" Award from Pet Product Retail Association of Great Britain is indicative of the quality of the products of animology ®. Animologys ® award-winning product line is used from reputable dog breeders and thousands of dog owners for good reason, because animology ® will make your dog look good, smell good and feel good. In short animology ® offers "dog care par excellence" and leaves a wonderful sense of wellbeing in the dog and man.


For best results, leave on the foam for a few minutes on the dog's coat. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat the process if necessary. Dry the skin with a towel or hair dryer. Avoid contact with eyes

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