Rumisal Homeopathic Ampoules and Drops for Animals

  • Rumisal Homeopathic Ampoules and Drops for Animals

Rumisal for horses, cattle, pigs, dogs, and cats. Homeopathic indication areas are paralysis (herniated disc), constipation, liver damage, indigestion acute and chronic gastritis.

WERAVET Rumisal; Homeopathic medicine for animals; horses, cattle, pigs, dogs and cats

Indications for use;
(The therapeutic uses correspond to the veterinary Homeopathy-Materia Medica)


  •  Dyspepsia (indigestion)
  •  Vomiting, diarrhea, colic, constipation
  •  Liver damage (liver diseases)
  •  Painful diseases of the spine (discopathy)
  •  paralysis
  •  As a supplementary therapy in strangles in horses

Active ingredients:
Nux vomica Dil. C 30


Useful information for reference and educational purposes only;


Rumisal contains Nux vomica (Family Loganiaceae). The dried seeds are used.

Nux vomica belongs to the so-called polychrests, this is the term used in homeopathy for a remedy that has many uses.
The most important pharmacological ingredients are alkaloids (strychnine, brucine) and glycosides.

Homeopatic Mode of Action;

    on digestive organs
    on the liver
    on the CNDS
    on the uterus
    on the bladder

Main applications
Rumisal has a broad action spectrum for indigestion (alternating diarrhoea and constipation), but also for spinal symptoms and certain behavioural disorders. That Nux vomica the medicine of choice for the treatment of management and feeding errors is due to its extraordinary potential for the so-called civilisation diseases, such as stress and unphysiological management. Not only diseases of the digestive system belong to this group. but also those of the bones, joints and muscles as well as those of the nervous system. It is the general irritation of the physiological course of metabolic and nervous functions which require the application of Nux vomica, particularly in a high potency.

Nux vomica exhibits a biphasic behaviour with respect to the digestive organs. Action for hypo- and hypersecretion of digestive enzymes. The futile urge is considered characteristic for stool excretion. The strong action on the spinal cord is an added effect. Nervous, irritable behaviour occurs as a consequence of the bodily disturbances.

Rumisal has proven itself for the following indications:
Cattle:     As preferred constitutional medicine for high-yielding cows. Rumisal normalises the act of rumination and supports the liver in its metabolic function.
Pig:     Constipation, also in the course of MMA
Horse:     Tendency toward spastic constipation, flatulence, dyspepsia.
As a supplementary therapy in colics (colic in horses needs immediate treatment from a Vet), above all if they occur approximately half an hour after feeding; lumbago
Dog/cat:  Gastritis with emesis and concurrent hard stool or constipation (for emesis with diarrhea, Vomisal is the medicine of choice); promotion of liver function. Lameness in dachshunds (herniated disc) can be very effectively treated with Rumisal.

Combinations with other Biokanol preparations are recommended:
WERAVET 7     Traumisal:     Conditions of pain in dachshund, herniated disc, lameness and lumbago
WERAVET 8     Dysenteral:     for diarrheas


Qualitative and quantitative composition of the drops:
1 ml (981,89 mg) Rumisal contains:
Active ingredient:
Strychnos nux vomica Dil. C 30 mg 99.55
Other ingredients:
Ethanol 43% (m / m), purified water
The product contains 18% (v / v) alcohol.

Qualitative and quantitative composition of the Ampoules for injection (also for oral use)
1 ampoule of 2 ml (2010.1 mg) contains:
Medically active ingredient:
Nux vomica Dil. C 30      199,1 mg
Other components:
Sodium chloride, Water for injection

Prices, Weights and Measures

Weight:20 ml drops

Price: € 12.20
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Weight:50 ml drops

Price: € 21.40
In Stock

Weight:10 x 2 ml Ampoules

Price: € 22.50
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Weight:40 x 2 ml Ampoules

Price: € 62.50
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Dosing with individual and daily specifications, type and duration of use

drops; To enter in the feed or in the drinking water:
Best solved into drinking water or bread or solved in about 10 ml of water over the feed .
Unless otherwise prescribed:
Horse 20 drops
Cattle 20 drops
Pig 15 drops
Dog 10 drops
Cat 10 drops

Duration of treatment:
2 times a day until the onset of healing.
The administration of the drug should not be longer than until complete healing of the animal.

Duration of treatment:
In acute conditions the injection should after 1  - 2 days be repeated, otherwise the repetition occurs after 4 - 8 days.
The administration of the drug should not be longer than until complete healing of the animal


Dosing with individual and daily specifications, type and duration of use
Ampoules; For intravenous, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection.(falso for oral use).

horses 3-4 ml
cattle 3-4 ml
pigs 2-3 ml
dogs 1-2 ml
cats 1-2 ml

Withdrawal period:
Horse, cattle, pig meat and offal: 0 days
Horse, cattle milk: 0 days

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