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Nutritional supplement VT Phak Syrup VIRBAC rich in amino-acids and nutrients necessary to the needs for the crystalline lens of the old dog , also with fatigue and intense and prolonged physical stress (hunting and sport dogs).


Nutritional supplement for dogs

VT Phak Syrup Virbac Dog

VT Phak is a nutritional supplement for the purposes of the lens of old dog. Contains amino acids and nutrients to the needs of the lens - Aging, recovery, weight loss - Fatigue after prolonged physical effort (hunting, sport).

VT Phak syrup provides for the lens of the eye amino acids, such as glycine and glutamate, again from which the glutathione is formed. The reduction in glutathione is in the aging process of the animal responsible for the progressive clouding of the crystalline lens. Inositol is an important substance in the build-up of cells, and its concentration is highest in the eye lens. It stimulates the metabolism and transport of the amino acids. Glycerol is an important component in the Krebs cycle as a major energy source. The presence of FOS (fructo-oligo-saccharides), a non-diabetogenic sugar source, strengthens the natural defense system of the animal by its bifidogenic effect, it increases the concentration of the natural present bifidus and lactobacilli in the intestine. It also guarantees the intestinal flora of the older dog recovered Thus, the intestinal flora of aged dogs is restored, rebalanced .

Use: In dogs


Dog <10 kg: 1 ml (20 drops per day).
Dog> 10 kg: 1.5 ml (30 drops per day).

It is advised to administer the solution daily or at least 3 weeks per month.

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