Puur Dyspla 50 ml

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Puur Dyspla helps ease everyday joint stiffness brought on by hip dysplasia, it provides relief to animals suffering from joint stiffness, pain, and mobility.

Puur Dyspla 50 ml

Puur Dyspla hip joint support formula aids your dog (and cat) in mobility and treats painful movements. It provides relief to animals suffering from joint stiffness, pain, and mobility. 

Benefits of Pure Dyspla

  • Helps alleviate inflammation and pain
  • Eases difficulties in getting up
  • Improves joint function and helps with stiffness
  • Enhances bone and joint health
  • For greater mobility and joy of life


Pure Dyspla contains frankincense tree (Boswellia serrata), Devil's claw (Harpagophytum procumbens), Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea), Calcium phosphate and a dilution of Silicic acid (Silicea). 

The Boswellia serrata can cause turbidity in the product.

Claw root extract is made from a plant called Devil’s claw. Devil’s claw is a medicinal plant native to South Africa. The root extract has long been used in traditional medicine for various diseases, including joint disease. Claw root extract possesses anti-inflammatory properties and may also provide pain relief. 

Boswellia serrata. Boswellia serrata is a medicinal plant whose extracts are used for healing purposes in Asian and African traditional medicine. The plant’s anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial to several diseases, including arthritis. Its central role in dogs with hip dysplasia is reducing inflammation and joint pain. 


Unless directed otherwise by vet, twice a day:

Dog 10 - 15 drops

Cat 5 - 10 drops

1 ml = 20 drops

Shake well before use.

If it is difficult  to administer this product several times a day, 1 time per day or 1 time per 2 days will suffice. Then give the maximum dose of one day. Even then, this product can be used effectively, but the reaction may take a little longer.

Upon improvement, a maintenance dose can be used. This is usually half the dosage indicated on the packaging. When dosing this product, carefully observe the reaction of the animal. A higher dose may be required in the beginning, this product can be safely given in a double dose. When improving, gradually reduce the dose to the lowest possible dose.


 Give this product directly into the mouth or mouth with a plastic syringe, possibly diluted with a little water. Preferably not at the same time as a meal because the product works better when it is absorbed by the clean oral mucosa. If the animal does not like this product, the drops can be given on a small piece of treat. If cats do not accept the drops, than put the drops on a warm spoon and let the alcohol evaporate from the product. Then give it diluted with some water or milk with a syringe directly into the mouth. The drops can also be applied to the top of the paw, but check whether the cat licks the drops off the paw.

Duration of treatment

In an acute situation, the duration of treatment is relatively short. This can vary from a few days to 3 weeks. If there is improvement, continue with the administration of this product for a few more days. With prolonged discomfort, the effect is usually visible after 1 to 3 weeks.

This product can be given permanently. It is advisable to take a stop week after every 6 to 8 weeks. In this way, after the stop week, the 'stimulus' can be offered again. Resume the treatment immediately if there is reason to do so.

Interaction and contraindication

Always use during pregnancy and lactation in consultation with the attending veterinarian.

To date, side effects of this product have not been known or reported.

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