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Dechra Redonyl Ultra is used to support the skin function in dogs and cats suffering from a sensitive, irritated skin and excess hair loss.

Redonyl Ultra

Redonyl® Ultra is a complementary food for dogs and cats with high quality nutrients to improve the function of the skin in cases of dermatosis and excessive hair loss.

It contains carefully selected and balanced ingredients that play an important role in the physiology of the intact skin barrier. Redonyl® Ultra contains a balanced combination of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), essential fatty acids and biotin to prevent or balance nutritional deficiencies and to help maintain healthy skin.

Key benefits:

• Essential fatty acids (GLA + EPA / DHA) are vital for barrier function and help the immune response of the skin.

• Biotin (Vitamin H) is important for the synthesis of fatty acids and maintain an optimal skin condition.

• PEA-um (ultramicronized) calms the skin and helps maintain the physiological function of cutaneous mast cells


Redonyl® Ultra is formulated in soft capsules with two different concentrations:

 50 mg / capsule (60 capsules) for cats and dogs up to 12 kg.

 150 mg / capsule (60 capsules) for dogs from 12 kg.

The product should be administered in 60-day cycles at the daily doses shown in the table. It can be used as part of a holistic approach to improving cutaneous function.

Redonyl Ultra comes in a convenient bottle size of 60 skittle capsules, in two strengths for different sized animals. The capsules can be opened and given with food or ingested directly, or swallowed whole for flexible administration.
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