MediScent Lamil - Bio Tincture for Horses

  • MediScent Lamil  -  Bio Tincture for Horses

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MediScent Lamil  - adjunctive therapy for horses with laminitis to improve the blood circulation of the affected hooves and optimize metabolism.

MediScent Lamil  - adjunctive therapy for horses with laminitis to improve the blood circulation of the affected hooves and optimize metabolism.


Laminitis is a disease that causes lameness in horses of any age or size. With this disease, the laminae weaken, which attach the pedal bone to the inside of the hoof.The laminae are responsible for supporting the pedal bone in the hoof and thus the weight of the animal. In severe cases of laminitis the pedal bone can sink and rotate due to the inability of the damaged laminae to support it and from the pull of the deep digital flexor tendon and if untreated, sometimes, it even pushes through the sole. When it pushes through the sole, it's called "founder."

Laminitis is a multi-factorial problem, it can be caused by excessive intake of sugar and starch (soluble carbohydrates like for example: Eating too much high-sugar/fructan grass, often in spring or autumn, or e.g. after frost), obesity, excess ingestion of grain, retained placentas in mares, exposure to corticosteroid drugs, concussion from excessive work on hard surfaces, eating of poisonous plants or horses suffering from EMS or Cushing's disease.


Feed a high fibre diet and manage grazing carefully, use a quality vitamin and mineral supplement. Do not feed bran and do not overfeed your horse, since an overweight horse/pony has a higher risk of laminitis, magnesium may help to increase insulin sensitivity.


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Lamil contains Diluted Extracts of;

Arnica - is the most important and first means for injuries or accidents. It helps with sprains, injuries, bruises, bleeding, overexertion and muscle soreness. However, it is also anti-inflammatory and dilates the capillaries so that the blood circulation is improved in the hooves

Nux vomica - for detoxification, in laminitis as a result of feed / feeding and for detoxification after ingestion of eating toxic substances.

Ledem palustre- also known as Marsh Tea or Wild Rosemary supports a better removal of metabolic waste and toxins and also improves the blood circulation to the hooves

Gingko biloba - Maidenhair Tree, improves blood circulation and relieves pain. Gingko works by dilating the blood vessels, in addition, Gingko helps to prevent the formation of blood clots, so fewer blood clots get stuck in the capillaries and thus less damage is caused in the capillaries.


diluted extracts of arnica, Marsh Tea, Maidenhair Tree and semen strychnos


Ponies 2 x daily 15 drops.
Horses 2 x daily 20 drops.

(Repeat every hour in the acute phase.)

You should always consult a vet when you suspect laminitis. Ideally, the inflammation is immediately cooled. Initial treatment is critical and can dramatically reduce the likelihood of founder, so the sooner laminitis is recognized and treated, the better are the chances for the horse!

Farrier and veterinarian should work together in case of chronic laminitis in order to find the best solution for the horse.

Administration should not take place longer than to the complete healing of the animal. In acute or serious complaints one should immediately seek medical advice from a Vet.

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