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  • MediScent Hernil  -  Bio Tincture for Animals

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MediScent Hernil  - adjunctive therapy for dogs with herniated disc in the neck and lumbar area and/or chronic lameness in the front paws.

MediScent Hernil  - adjunctive therapy for dogs with herniated disc

MediScent Hernil is used in dogs with herniated disc (pulposi nuclei) in the neck and lumbar area.The clinical signs stemming from the disc herniation depend upon the location of the injury; a disc injury in the lower back can cause problems only in the hind limbs, whereas an injury in the neck can cause dysfunction in all limbs.  The symptoms can vary from mild to very severe pain, from mild to severe neurological deficits. some cases of herniated disc in neck / neck pain, we can not determine, there wil only be a lameness on the front paws. That lameness is caused by a minor neurological deficit from the neck area.

In severe pain and acute cases corticosteroids should be used. (Vet!!)  Rather no painkillers. For animals that have not responded to conservative management or who have had multiple relapses of clinical signs of disc disease or have paresis or weakness of the limbs, surgery is a likely recommendation

Owners of dwarf-breed dogs or other dog breeds that are predisposed can minimize the risk of disc injuries by keeping their dogs weight down. Excess body weight adds load and stress on the discs. A lean, well-muscled, and fit dog is also better able to recover from injuries should they occur.

Also, use a chest harness instead of attaching leashes to collars that pull on the neck. If possible, avoid sudden stops and starts that can stress the spine, such as launching off furniture.

Useful information for reference and educational purposes only;

Hernli contains Diluted Extracts of;

Arnica - extravasation (blood occurs from the vessels into the subcutaneous tissue) as a result of trauma (injury).

Nux vomica - spastic paresis, very helpful for herniated discs

Hypericum - is the principal means for injuries of nerves, traumatized tissue by complex nerve-muscle injury, herniated discs


diluted extracts of arnica, St. John's wort and semen strychnos

In homeopathy;
Arnica D6, Hypericum D6, Nux D6, ethanol 15% (w / w)


Small dog 3 times a day 10 drops 6 to 12 weeks.
Large dog 3 times a day 20 drops 6 to 12 weeks.

Stair climbing, ball games and long walks should be avoided. If the dog is overweight, he should lose weight. Physiotherapy can also be very helpful.

Administration should not take place longer than to the complete healing of the animal. In acute or serious complaints one should seek medical advice from a Vet.

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