MediScent Cardil - Bio Tincture for Animals

  • MediScent Cardil - Bio Tincture for Animals

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MediScent Cardil - adjunctive therapy for animals with heart failure, age-related heart and circulatory problems.

MediScent Cardil - adjunctive therapy for animals with heart failure, age-related heart and circulatory problems.


Heart problems in older animals are fairly common, and your senior dog/cat is quite likely to develop some type of heart disease as the animal ages, there are 2 types of heart disease; congenital – meaning the animal was born with it and most likely it is genetic,  or acquired – affecting middle age to senior animals and the disease developed over time.
The earlier heart disease is diagnosed the better, so it  can be treated or managed, so that your beloved pet gets to spend more time enjoying his life with you


The four most common signs of heart failure are:

  • lack of energy, shortness of breath
  • loss of appetite
  • coughing, especially at night or after exercise
  • swollen abdomen


MediScent Cardil can be used as an adjunctive therapy in addition to traditional veterinary care.


Useful information for reference and educational purposes only;

Cardil contains Diluted Extracts of;


Adonis vernalis Adonis , Yellow Pheasant's Eye is a heart tonic, it regulates the pulse and increases the cardiac contractility,  it is used in irregular heart-beats and heart failure, it supports the circulation. The agent also has a nerve calming effect on the body ad it has diuretic properties and can prevent water retention.
Apocynum cannabinumIndian (American) Hemp is used traditionally in heart failure with ascites, heart valve malfunction (Mitral Insufficiency), arrhythmias and various heart defects
Arnica montana; Leopard's Bane, Diseases of the heart - circulatory system, supports the heart
Cactus; Cactus Grandiflorus, The diluted and potentised agent Cactus grandiflorus is often used in the treatment of heart disease, it has, among other things a balancing effect on the heart rate and it strengthens the heart’s contractions
Crataegus; Hawthorn, heart tonic, Crataegus supports the heart function, it is a circulatory remedy and is used for general heart support, for arrhythmia, valvular insufficiency and heart palpitations.
Kalium carbonicum; Potassium, is useful in edema and shortness of breath, both as a result of heart failure, chronic cardiac insufficiency.
Solidago virgaurea, The Golden-rod, acts as a diuretic, meaning it flushes water from the body by increasing urine output.

dilute extracts of; Cactus Grandiflorus, Leopard's Bane, Yellow Pheasant's Eye, Indian (American) Hemp, Potassium and Golden-rod.

(In homeopathy; Adonis vernalis D3, Apocynum cannabinum D6, Arnica montana D6, Cactus D6, Crataegus D1, Kalium carbonicum D6, Solidago virgaurea D3)


Dogs; 2 times daily 5 to 15 drops
Cats; 2 times daily 5 drops

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