Beaphar Anti - Air sac mites- Lung Mites

  • Beaphar Anti - Air sac mites- Lung Mites

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Air Sac Mites are the number one killer of Canarys and Gouldian Finches, which affects the entire respiratory tract. The parasites can be present all the way from the nose of the bird to the tiny air sacs in the lungs.

The mite (Sternostoma tracheacolum) lives and reproduces on the surface of the respiratory tract with the complete life cycle of the mite being 14 to 21 days.Transmission of the mite occurs through direct contact via the oral route commonly when infested adult birds feed regurgitated food to young nestlings. Another method of transmission occurs during courtship behaviour when males feed females. Transmission can also occur through contaminated water. The symptoms of birds with air sac mites are dependent on the severity of the parasitic infection. Birds with a mild infection may not have any signs at all. Those with a severe infection, however, may display such symptoms as:

  • Clinical signs are open mouth breathing (including making whistling and clicking sounds)
  • Loss of voice, coughing, nasal discharge, tail bobbing with weakness and weight loss.
  • Excessive salivation

A severe air sac mite infection can lead to the bird's death.

Beaphar Bogena Anti - Air sac mites- Lung Mites contains;  Active ingredients. Ivermectin 0.12%


1 drop per bird (for larger birds parakeets and 2 drops per bird) Apply to the featherless skin around the neck om. It when you push the springs to the drop side and dan on the skin are easier.


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