Puur Sun cream 30 ml

  • Puur Sun cream 30 ml

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This easy-to-apply sun cream with an SPF of 30 has a special pH of >6.5 to match the pH of animal skin, so it won't dry out or get sunburned.

Puur Sun cream 30ml

Why controlled sunbathing?

Sunlight gives warmth and ensures the production of Vitamin D in the dog (not in the cat). Vit. D is important for the production and storage of calcium. This is important for the calcium/phosphorus ratio. It develops and strengthens the bones and also controls the muscles and nerves.

UV radiation from the sun damages the skin and can cause burns  Allow animals to choose whether they want to lie in the sun or not, always provide shade and sufficient water.

The fur provides a natural filter against UV radiation, but thinly haired skin parts such as nose, ears, lips, groin, but also scars or other skin damage have little protection and can therefore burn


Apply thinly and regularly before your animal is exposed to sunlight. Re-apply after prolonged exposure to the sun or after swimming.

This cream soothes and moisturizes the skin.

The UV filters of zinc and titanium oxide also make it very suitable for animals with sensitive skin, all year round.

Use on the light unpigmented skin of the animal, such as on the head, around the eyes and on and around the nose. Especially in places with thin hair, the edges of the ears, the inner thighs and also on scars.

In horses also on the white skin of the legs.

Because the UV filters leave a visible white layer on the skin, it is wise to remove this in the evening with a damp cloth, so that no irritation arises from applying layer over layer. 

Avoid direct contact with the eyes and do not apply on open wounds.

If the skin has already been exposed to too much sun before the product has been applied, treat the animal with dermiel or vetramiel honey ointment

Why PURE Sun cream?

  • Free from parabens and nanoparticles
  • All natural
  • pH of 6.5, suitable for the acidity of animal skin
  • Contains mineral filters that remain on the skin (no nano)
  • Zinc oxide and titanium oxide reflect UV radiation
  • Soothing, moisturizes the skin
  • Retains effectiveness when swimming

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Interaction and contraindication

Always use during pregnancy and lactation in consultation with the attending veterinarian.

To date, side effects of this product have not been known or reported.


Avoid direct sunlight and keep this product dry and at a temperature between 5-20 °C. Keep out of reach of children. The expiration date is stated on the label on the tube.

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