Essential Peppermint - Oil 100% for digestion

  • Essential Peppermint - Oil 100% for digestion

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Essential Peppermint - Oil 100% for digestion

HomeoVet Peppermint - Oil is 100% pure and inwardly to use, to support the digestive system

Peppermint - oil is a very good appetizer also because of its wholesome taste. Drizzle a few drops on the feed works wonders. Peppermint - oil you can also use yourself, for headaches rub a few drops on your forehead.



Internal use
As a first aid for colic! (call the vet immediatly!!)
If you have notified the vet, you can give the horse a sugar cube with 5 drops of peppermint - oil.

external application
With cough and allergic to dust a few drops mixed with spruce needles - Oil and splashing over the futer.
In an inflammation of the udder mix with jojoba - oil and massage the udder well.

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