Equi Spa Not So Sweet itch Equine Body Wash Premium Shampoo

  • Equi Spa Not So Sweet itch Equine Body Wash Premium Shampoo

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A premium shampoo for sensitive horses that gently cleanses with natural moisturizing ingredients, Aloe Vera and pure essential oils are ideal for horses that tend to summer itch and other allergic skin problems.

This specially formulated shampoo gently cleanses and is ideal for sensitive horses. It is made to clean the coat and skin while leaving natural oils protected. Soy extracts, natural humectants, organic aloe and pure grade essential oils provide moisturization.


  • also suitable for foals.
  • Dissolves dirt and sweat while leaving natural oils protected
  • This highly concentrated product is very economical to use.
  • Low suds for easy rinsing.


Equi-Spa, excellent for sensitive horses. All natural, non toxic products for all classes of horses and dogs, are made in the U.S.A. by certified Aromatherapist. All ingredients are 100% pure Aromatherapy grade , essential oils in a base of soothing witch hazel and pesticide free, non-clogging fractionated coconut oil.

We do not use any petrochemicals or synthetic ingredients.
Equi-spa makes every effort to insure safe quality ingredients through documentation and careful sourcing including using U.S.A. produced ingredients and packaging if available.

Safe, gentle, natural horse care products by Equi-Spa are essential for supporting the appearance, performance, attitude, general health and well being of horses, and peace of mind for the horse lover.



To use, place 20 ml. of wash into a bucket of water, sponge in and rinse. Avoid eye contact.

Leave on for five minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with water.

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