Betadine disinfectant ointment for wound care.

  • Betadine disinfectant ointment for wound care.

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BETADINE OINTMENT 75 mg/ml. Betadine is povidone-iodine, an antiseptic microbicide that can be used for wound care, it is a fat-free, water-soluble ointment for external use.

Betadine antiseptic ointment is a
fat-free, water-soluble ointment for external use.
It kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and other infective -
inducing pathogens from. Betadine disinfectant
Ointment is used for the disinfection of smaller
Wounds of the skin and mucosa, small area burns
first degree (minor burns), skin damage, skin tears and abrasions.

Exclusively on the physician's prescription is applied Betadine antiseptic ointment for the treatment of infected wounds.


External use

Ointment directly from the tube onto the area to be treated
or respectively to give a swab. Apply a gauze, gently spread on the wound. If necessary, cover with dressing. As long as the golden brown color of Betadine is visible, the paint acts as a disinfectant ointment.

A bleaching effect means acceptance and signals
that another application should be performed. wear
They therefore new Betadine antiseptic ointment on,
if you notice a significant discoloration. renew
The ointment also at each dressing change.

Betadine antiseptic ointment may be applied several times daily. Continue treatment until healed.

Drug 10 mg iodine as povidone iodine per 1 g of ointment.

Excipients with macrogol ointment base 400 and other excipients.

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