Supra Cell Homeopathy for Rodent N 500 feverish ailments, pneumonia

  • Supra Cell Homeopathy for Rodent N 500 feverish ailments, pneumonia

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Biological Remedy for feverish ailments, cough, pneumonia

Biological Remedy for feverish ailments, pneumonia


Various diseases of the body respond by increasing the body temperature. When a certain point is exceeded, this is described as fever. Fever generally serves to increase the body temperature to start the healing process. Cough, pneumonia (Vet!) and the accompanying shortness of breath, as caused by strong drafts and untreated colds,  are successfully treated with N 500th

We use two herbal ingredients, Bryonia and Belladonna, both very important remedies in homeopathy.

If symptoms are severe or persist, you should consult your veterinarian. In addition to treatment with N 500, it is very important to determine the exact causes of the disease, to stop any errors. Drafts and temperature fluctuations must be avoided.


The following homeopathic ingredients are present:
Belladonna LM 6
Bryonia LM 12


SUPRA-CELL drops are administered through the drinking water or the feed.
According to size, 3-8 drops are mixed in approx. 100 ml of drinking water. A stronger concentration is not required.

The active substances of SUPRA-CELL  are dissolved in 15% ethanol, which the rodent finds flavourless in the defined dosage.

The preparations are administered for one to two days or up to several weeks, according to the field of application.
A healthy animal which takes in drops through the drinking water suffers from no disadvantages whatsoever; the preparation only shows no effect in this case. Therefore it is not necessary to separate healthy animals from those to be treated.
SUPRA-CELL drops are not perishable even after years. Keep them closed at normal room temperature best in the folding carton.
Contraindications, side effects and interactions with other preparations are not known of.
You can get  SUPRA-CELL drops in 15 ml bottles.

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