Spartrix for Racing Pigeons 50 Tablets

  • Spartrix for Racing Pigeons 50 Tablets

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SPARTRIX for Racing Pigeons is a treatment for canker, trichomoniasis in pigeons in a handy tablet form. (contains carnidazole)

SPARTRIX for Racing Pigeons treatment for canker trichomoniasis (contains carnidazole)

Spartrix is a licensed product which is a single dose treatment for canker in pigeons.

Spartrix is presented in a handy tablet form allowing birds to be treated individually and thus ensuring all birds receive the required dose.

To ensure the full benefit of Spartrix, all pigeons should be treated at the same time, whenever canker is seen.

Young birds should be treated at weaning or before flying out.

All pigeons should be treated before pairing or during the first half of each brood period to prevent canker being passed to the newly hatched young.

Each pack of Spartrix contains 50 tablets.
Sufficient for 50 adult doses or 100 young bird doses (half tablet).
Contains 10mg Carnidazole

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