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High Custom replacement milk for feeding puppies. In motherless puppies, large litters or diseases of the mother, a milk replacement is required, which corresponds to the natural dog milk.

Harmonious growth
For steady, harmonious growth. Babydog composition of milk is approximately equal to the natural breast milk. With high energy and protein content.

Secure digestibility
Babydog milk contains carefully selected highly digestible proteins and is particularly suited to the digestive system of the puppy: adapted lactose content, without strength as Amylaseaktiviät not yet pronounced. The addition of fructo-oligo-saccharides (FOS) helps maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora upright.

Instant Milk
Thanks to the exclusive texture is Babydog milk triggers - stirred into warm water - immediately and completely residue-free, and thus offers an absolutely homogeneous texture.


In the breeding of dogs in certain circumstances the use of a milk replacement for puppies is necessary. Here are a few cases are listed below:

* For motherless and weak puppies
* For exceptionally large litters
* Lack or absence of milk in the mother dog
* To relieve the mother dog during the suckling period
* Facilitate the weaning of the pups

Cow's milk is unsuitable
The digestive system of small dogs is adapted to the digestion of milk or milk substitute for puppies. Cow's milk can cause due to its high lactose content in puppies digestive disorders like soft stools or diarrhea and is therefore totally unsuitable as a substitute milk.

Composition of milk proteins, animal fats, whey protein, soy oil, coconut oil, fish oil (source of DHA), minerals, fructo-oligo-saccharides

Analytical constituents set function
Protein (%) 33 Building materials of the body, formation of connective tissue, muscles, etc.
Fat content (%) 39 main energy supplier
Crude ash (%) 6 totality of all minerals
Strength (%) na * carbohydrate source, energy supplier
Crude fiber (%) na * regulation of bowel
Moisture (%) 3 Covers the water needs of the body
Energy (kcal ME / kg) 5590 Total, metabolizable energy of food
Linoleic acid (%) 3.2 for healthy skin and a glossy coat
EPA + DHA (%) 0.15 inhibiting the synthesis of chemical mediators of inflammation
Omega 6 (%) 3.3 for healthy skin and a glossy coat
Omega 3 (%) 0.76 Anti-inflammatory properties

Minerals set function
Calcium (%) 1.1 for the bone
Phosphorus (%) 0.8 for the bone
Magnesium (%) 0.06 Important for fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism
Sodium (%) na * For water balance
Iron (mg / kg) 100 Promotes the transport of oxygen
Copper (mg / kg) 15 Supports the pigmentation of skin and hair
Manganese (mg / kg) 80 is important for a healthy metabolism
Zinc (mg / kg) 230 For healthy skin and a glossy coat
Iodine (mg / kg) 4 Essential for Thyroid Function
Selenium (mg / kg) 0.43 Protects cells
Potassium (%) na * muscle contraction, bone
Pantothenic acid (mg / kg) 56 Supports the skin's barrier

Vitamins set function
Vitamin A (IU / kg) 25000 For healthy skin, eyes and bones
Vitamin D3 (IU / kg) 1500 Promotes the absorption of calcium
Vitamin E (mg / kg) 600 Cell Protection
Vitamin C (mg / kg) 300 For a strong immune system
Vitamin B1 (mg / kg) 20 Stabilizes the nervous system
Vitamin B2 (mg / kg) 40 is important for a healthy metabolism
Vitamin B6 (mg / kg) 15 Promotes the metabolism of amino acids
Vitamin B12 (mg / kg) 0.3 Protects nerve cells
Niacin (mg / kg) 155 Regulates the metabolism of amino acids
Biotin (mg / kg) 1 for healthy skin and a glossy coat
Folic acid (mg / kg) 3.2 Promotes cell renewal
Choline (mg / kg) 3000 Protection against premature cell aging

Additional. Nutrients set function
Taurine (%) na * Supports growth, eyes and heart function, antioxidant effects
L-carnitine (mg / kg) 2.05 Mobilizes fat reserves


Application Notes

Mixing ratio:
1 measuring cup of milk powder to 20 ml of water (equivalent to 1 part milk to 2 parts warm water)

Fill the feeding bottle with warm water (50 ° C) according to the recommended feeding amounts. Then enter using the measuring cup, add the milk powder. Then shake the filter flask to achieve a good resolution. Do not leave more than one hour, the reconstituted milk.

Instructions for use:

The reconstituted milk feed at body temperature. The number of meals and the average amount given varies depending on the age and weight of the puppy.

The data are indicative of the daily ration for the motherless rearing of puppies. When feeding with 1st Age Milk is offered accordingly, depending on the amount of breast milk received less.

Handling of the teat:

The 1st age milk are of three different sizes of vacuum. Please use the vacuum corresponding to the respective dog size, otherwise your puppy is in danger of swallowing.

Using the position of the suction can regulate the flow of milk. For this purpose, carry the vacuum cleaner the following symbols:

Type 1: circles of different diameters
Type 2: Numbers 1-3

When feeding the puppies with the bottle above the visible symbol or number is crucial:

small circle / number 1: slow
small spot / Number 2: Medium
large circle / number 3: quickly

Valuable Tips

* Clean feeding bottles and other equipment thoroughly after each use. Avoid direct contact between 1st age milk and disinfectants.

* Adhere strictly to the prescribed feeding volumes and divide it according to the instructions on. 4 - 6 meals per day Logging you recorded for each animal the milk yield and weight gain. Never try to "force" the milk intake of pups. This poses the risk of aspiration pneumonia (pneumonia caused by erroneous Abschlucken = / inhalation of milk in the lungs).

Warning: Can not Kotabsetzen, diarrhea, flatulence (smeared anus region, restlessness, complaints, painful Säugeleiste ...) are symptoms that provide clues to various diseases.

Consult to determine the cause of your veterinarian immediately!

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