Renske Fresh Meat meal for dogs Senior 7 + Turkey & Rice Hypoallergenic

  • Renske Fresh Meat meal for dogs Senior 7 + Turkey & Rice Hypoallergenic

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Complete fresh meat diet for dogs, Renske with 80% turkey, rice and garden vegetables. Extremely suitable for dogs with food allergies. Hypoallergenic

Complete fresh meat for dog food. Especially suitable for dogs with intolerances to dry and / or canned food or other meats.

Renske fresh meat  is a blend of the best ingredients. The main ingredient is fresh Turkey meat, this product, (contains no meat by-products!) Garnished with a little lamb liver. In addition, however, the meal also includes whole grain rice and fresh garden vegetables.

Renske food is fresh meat-enriched with Scottish salmon oil (for a shiny coat and optimal development of the brain). Clucosamin and Chondrointin to support the joints and Gelenkapseln.

In addition, Renske hypoalleregenes Frischfleichfutter contains a variety of natural antioxidants to combat free radicals in the body of your dog. Our pure, fresh, natural ingredients are vacuum sealed and gently steamed in the pack to preserve the nutrients.

Fresh turkey meat (83%), brown rice (10%), peas, carrots, seaweed extract, herbs, vitamins and minerals, glucosamine, chondroitin

Short analysis:
Protein 11.4%, fat 9.7%, ash 4.4%, fiber 1.6%, Moisture 75% Vitamin A 2500 IU / kg Vitamin D3 200 IU / kg Vitamin E16 mg / kg (as alpha-tocopherol) Vitamin content guaranteed until expiration date end.

Renske healthy with fresh meat food:
Only a source of protein-80% fresh meat from animal welfare

* Excludes cereal
* With sustainably grown grains
* High proportion of Omega 3
* With glucosamine and chondroitin
* With Scottish salmon oil

With natural ground bone as raw material for calcium and phosphorus

High digestibility - lower defecation

Contains absolutely no soy, beef, pork, peanut or milk products

* No GMO products
* Free of wheat gluten
* No preservatives
* No addition of water only natural, organic moisture
* Contain no animal by-products or meat offal


Daily Feeding Recommendation

Content Packaging: 395 gram
Number of gram-Kalorien/100 125 Kcal

Small dogs = 1 packet
Medium Dogs = 2 packets
Large dogs = 3 packages

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