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  • Medicent Lacabnil - Bio tincture

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Medicent Lacabnil; adjunctive therapy for false pregnancy ((pseudopregnancy, phantom pregnancy, pseudocyesis) in dogs.

Medicent Lacabnil; adjunctive therapy for false pregnancy (Pseudocyesis) in Dogs


False pregnancy (pseudopregnancy, phantom pregnancy) is common in bitches, because of the social structure of the wolf pack. In the wolf pack only the alpha female mates but all other females in the pack need to be able to care for the puppies so they experience the same hormonal changes as the alpha female who is having the litter. In our dogs this condition which may involve both behavioural and physical changes, usually occurs somewhere between 6 and 12 weeks after a bitch goes through her normal heat cycle


Signs can be ;

  • Nesting behaviour, such as digging, making a bed or den to deliver the phantom “puppies.”
  • Mothering of stuffed toys and other things, treating them as her “puppies” and protecting them accordingly.
  • Enlarged nipples, possibly producing milk or serous fluid.
  • Behavioural changes such as clinginess, refusing to eat, restlessness, whining, depression or aggression


Useful information for reference and educational purposes only;

Lacabnil contains Diluted Extracts of;


Asafoetida. (Gum of the Stinkasand); indications for asafoetida are hyperplasia of the mammary glands with behavioral problems such as nervousness and hysteria ((restlessness, whining) it can help to calm and has a balancing effect in nervous crises.

Avena sativa, common oat, is used as a nerve tonic and tonic for nervous exhaustion.

Pulsatilla pratensis, Meadow Anemone, Small Pasque Flower or Wind Flower is indicated in mammary gland enlargement with listlessness and extreme clinginess, animals are often timid.


Diluted extracts of Gum of the Stinkesand, Common oat and Meadow Anemone

In homeopathy
Asafoetida D4, D4 Avena sativa, Pulsatilla pratensis D15


Small dog; 3 times a day 5 drops
Large dog 3 times daily 10 drops

Preventive; 2 weeks before expected pseudopregnancy for 4 weeks long, to prevent recurrence after the next heat. Gradually, the symptoms should be weaker.

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