Homeovet Easy Digest herbal mixture for the support of the digestion

  • Homeovet Easy Digest herbal mixture for the support of the digestion

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This natural product supports horses and ponies who have problems such as intestinal and digestive problems and recurring colic symptoms.

Easy Digest by Homeovet Animal Care is a unique product and was specially developed for horses and ponies suffering from intestinal and digestive problems. Digestive problems in horses can result in colic-like symptoms.

Easy Digest is a special herbal mixture  that promotes the digestion of food in a natural way. Easy Digest has been successfully tested in horses with symptoms as described above at the HomeoVet test center. Always notify the veterinarian with equine colic. Easy digest can be used at any time in combination with other remedies.

Produced for Homeovet



use interiorly
Ponies 4 scoops per day,
Horses 6 scoops per day, increase the dosage in case of problems on 2 times a day.


Dandelion leaf, willow bark, fennel seed, aniseed, sweet clover, menthea, Hagen Butte zrkeleinert, Herbasan, goldenrod.

B1.B2.B6 ascorbic acid

Phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc

Crude Protein 9.1% Fat 3.1%, Fibre 9.8%,
Moisture 2.5%.

Easy digest was zusammengesezt of Veterinair Homöopatin woman. K.M. Schoon.

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