Eqyss Micro Tek Pet medicated Spray Import USA

  • Eqyss Micro Tek Pet medicated Spray Import USA

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A product of EQyss from the U.S.A  Special spray for skin problems, itching, dematitis, hot spots and ringworm in dogs and cats. Effective for 24 hours

An excellent spray for dogs and cats, The fast-acting formula of Micro-Tek Pet Shampoo provides a healthy environment for healing, giving effective relief against a variety of skin conditions, including flea bites, dermatitis, seborrhea, hot spots and dry itchy skin.

Micro Tek stops biting and licking immediately and is effective for 24 hours.
Can be sprayed directly on affected areas. Gentle care formula causes no burning, and promotes the healing of wounds.

Very well tolerated and long-term proven formula.

Micro Tek Pet Spray;

  • Micro-Tek Shampoo provides a healthy environment for healing
  • Gives effective relief from a variety of skin conditions
  • Antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial
  • Non-toxic, environmentally-friendly formula
  • Stops biting, licking, scratching





Spray into the skin once a day to counteract the spread of skin irritation, or

spray once a day directly onto the affected skin. As long as apply until the problems are gone.

Possibly in combination with Eqyss Micro Tek medicated shampoo.
EQyss products are 100% CRUELTY FREE and are 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Every EQyss product is made with all natural, botanical ingredients wherever possible. None of our products contain DEA.


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