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  • Bach Flower remedy for animals Start set

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The Bach - Flower therapy is based on the hypothesis that any physical disease precedes an emotional imbalance and that the harmonization of feelings and thoughts can effect physical health.

The idea of selecting seven themes from the Bach Flower Therapy,
derived from the experience that these seven mental states often appear in the pet ownership. Is new, make a Bach flower mixture into globules for each subject. This allows you to provide the most sensitive animals when. Notgeraten in mental The advantage of the mixtures, that the individual means and thus strengthen sichgegenseitig give a greater whole. Thus, the pet owner must, for example, of anxiety not only long the "fear - flower" looking or can be mixed together,
but has a means at hand, in which the subject is focused there.

The idea, Bach flowers to topics
to put together and to make it a means, is not new, but the inventor, Dr. Edward Bach, already done. The grand effect is well known, both in humans as in animals and plants.

As a rule of thumb one can say when you have the impression
Your pet is not doing well, try to understand the emotional state. Is it fear, weakness, aggression, laziness, sadness? As a first step, insert the Bach flower mixture that makes sense to you. Always follow your inner voice or intuition, then you understand the mental signals of the animal.

Where, within a week there is no improvement, then you are looking for a knowledgeable veterinarian on. The best is a veterinarian who is also Tierkinesiologe, because then he can also psychotherapeutic work with the animal or / and also show you ways of reducing stress.


The globules (beads) in the diet or in some
Water dissolved in the drinking water to give

Pet large 5-10 globules
Pet small 2-5 globules

For acute problems, depending on the daily course of 2-3 doses over 5 -7 days.

Chronic problems depending on the course every day 1-2 doses over 4 -6 weeks

This remedy is indicated in all cases of emergency (shock, accident, trauma). It is the most important first - aid - measure and can often be given until the animal calms down.

# 2 FEAR
In all cases, when the animal is afraid of something specific (human, hands, other dogs, objects) or an anxious type, this is Bach - Potpourri displayed.

Whenever an animal is too much aggression in behavior, vandalism, continuous shouting and acrimony appear, this is Bach - Potpourri an important tool.

If an animal in a game, sport, or living with the poor people understand and learn them helps these Bach flower over the hurdle.

Whether an animal is only slowly recovered, if it had to have surgery or if it is weak by nature, these Bach - Potpourri support the healing process and the energy of life.

The animal has lost its human caregiver or his animal partner, it needs a help to get over the pain away. It supports these Bach flower.

Whether healthy or sick pets always need a cure to regenerate their vitality. Here these Bach flower helps.

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