Bach Flower remedy for animals No.5 Exhaustion, Recovery

  • Bach Flower remedy for animals No.5 Exhaustion, Recovery

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If an animal is only slowly recovering, if it had to have surgery or if it is weak by nature, Bach flower No.5 Exhaustion, Recovery supports the healing process and the energy of life.

Bach Flower remedy; EXHAUSTION, RECOVERY ; No matter whether an animal is only recovering slowly, whether it had an operation or whether it is weak by nature this Bach flower blend supports the healing process and life energy. Even the healthiest pet can get sick, sometimes even seriously ill. As with humans, a pet can fall into resignation, being totally exhausted, and even giving the impression as if its no longer believes in recovery. Then the pet needs a lot of attention and understanding from us.
Parallel to a holistic treatment, the pet owner can assist very well the healing process of his animal with  Bach flower No.5 Exhaustion, Recovery to support the healing process .

The state of exhaustion, listlessness and weakness can also be a first sign of disease. (Veterinary care may be necessary where there are medical conditions that need diagnosis and treatment.) Mostly there will be also a decrease of the appetite. In such cases, the Remedy no. 5 is also helpful. What many pet owners ignore is the location of the pet shelter or sleeping place near a TV - or computer. Here is a lot of electro smog and the life energy slows dramatically.

Also for people it is important to ventilate the room well after using these devices and to pull the plug, and sleep in another room as possible. Animals do not belong in the vicinity of such devices!

What can you do?
Once your pet remarkably often withdraws, moves little, eats less and acts powerless, and there is no veterinary explanation for it, than check to see if your animal is often in a field of electromagnetic energy, and if necessary, change this situation.

If your pet is in treatment or in a process of recovery, you must try to stay positive, thus indicating the animal your trust and hope. Exaggerated fears paralyze the life energy! Give the animal three times per day every 5 globules directly into the nose or terminate the globules in a few drops of water and sprinkled over a little snack. Does your pet refuse any food , rub the drops of water on the forehead

Olive, oak, elm, gorse

Olive (mental and physical exhaustion)

Oak (lack of resilience)

Elm (inadequacy/overwhelmed)

Gorse (utter hopelessness)



Pet large 5-10 globules
Pet small 2-5 globules

For acute problems, 2-3 doses over 5 -7 days.

Chronic problems 1-2 doses over 4 -6 weeks.

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