Bach Flower remedy for animals No.4 Willingness to learn

  • Bach Flower remedy for animals No.4 Willingness to learn

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Some animal personalities learn fast, some slow. If an animal in a game, sport, or living with people, poorly understands and learns, Bach Flower remedy willingness to learn No.4 will support it.

Bach Flower remedy; WILLINGNESS TO LEARN; When an animal has difficulties in understanding and learning to play, sport/training or in living with humans, this Bach flower mixture helps to overcome the problem.

Pets live near humans. Therefore, they also learn a lot of us and we of them. Some animal personalities learn fast, some slow. This depends on various factors.

The natural instincts ensure that an animal knows pretty quickly in his dwelling place where the food bowl is. A cat usually finds quickly the litter box and the cat door .

Even the bird quickly finds the entrance hole to the outside and re-enter into the indoor aviary. Everything what`s immediately life supporting and assessment of risk, animals learn naturally quick. In coexistence with humans, however, result in some new tasks are sometimes difficult to learn, or at least with more effort. So the young dog needs to learn doing his "business" outside of the door and not to do it on the living room carpet.

The dog should learn that his master until the afternoon has time for a longer walk. The cat will realize that the furniture does not serve to mark its mining area, but other places in nature. Playful pet owners also want to teach your pet a few "tricks". Here appear the most problems.

So it's nice for the owner if the Parrot speaks "Good morning" or other words of human language, but for the bird  it is an enormous stress. Therefore we have also just along the linguistically gifted parrots more often the feather plucking ones. Should you want to avoid stress for the animal, you should closely observe the natural playfulness of a species and an individual animal.

As with humans, among our pets are also individuals who learn quickly and retain what they have learned, those who are simply lazy and comfortable and those who learn quickly but also quickly forgett. Here is a help needed to allow the coexistence between human and animal remains harmonious.

What can you do best?
Ask yourself first if it is absolutely necessary to learn your pet a certain lesson and whether it is also fun for the animal, always ensure a reward and stay positive, even though the result is not there yet.  Speak slowly and clearly with the animal and show him with patience what to learn.

If that is not enough, you support the "lessons" with the Bach Remedy . If the animal is tame, you can put a few globules directly into the nose or in the mouth. Otherwise you solve 5 to 10 globules in a few drops of water, sprinkled over a treat or simply enter the globules into drinking water.

Wild Oat, Chestnut, centaury, Hornbeam

Centaury (lack of assertiveness)

Chestnut Bud (failure to learn from past experiences)

Hornbeam (weakness; restore vitality)

Wild Oat (lack of direction)




Pet large 5-10 globules
Pet small 2-5 globules

For acute problems,  2-3 doses over 5 -7 days.

Chronic problems 1-2 doses over 4 -6 weeks.

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