Bach Flower remedy for animals No.3 Aggression

  • Bach Flower remedy for animals No.3 Aggression

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Whenever an animal shows too much aggression in behavior like vandalism, continuous barking and a tendency to bite, Bach Flower remedy Aggression can be helpful

AGGRESSION This remedy is an important aid when an animal shows too much aggression in its behaviour, demonstrates destructive frenzy, permanent crying or viciousness.
There is always a reason for the aggressive response of a pet animal. The aggression is a behavior which certainly has its place. After all, dogs and cats are sturdy predators. The fact that they come very close to the human kingdom through domestication, should not obscure the fact that the cute kitten also can hiss and scratch as it  wants to express his displeasure about something.

Aggressive behaviors can develop from a numerous amount of reasons: fear, jealousy, dominance, trauma from past-experiences such as abuse.
Being too close can`t bear no animal, it always needs enough free space in order to be sure of his identity. If this is not granted, even the dearest animal can attack with or without warning and be aggressive.  In order for our animals to be happy and comfortable with life we must make sure that their emotions are balanced and no anger is triggered, as that can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, leading to an unhappy pet.

Even the threats and protest reactions such as biting, scratching or tearing at itself (fur, feathers) fall in this category. Usually tame pets react aggressively when they are self-conscious, because for the moment they lean against the alpha animal or human to ignore it.

Is the human fragile, weak and yielding, an animal feels this and can go into competition with the animal holder. Then there is Dominance problems.

Who is the boss here?
In the family unit, a hierarchy must exist so that the animal can take its place, and certainly not as a boss!

Consequently, this must help to ensure that an order is made the keeper. Come attacks, especially unpredictable, again and again, even the advice of a practicing holistic veterinarian is essential to obtain the psychological and tierkinesiologisch can also check what is the cause of the behavior.

What do you do best?

Make sure that the animal you can not attack  and simply pull back. The calmer you behave, the more the animal comes to rest.
Then it is important to think about what the cause might be of the aggressive behavior of your pet. If, for instance, a dog has become aggressive, it may be a mistake to judge this purely as an emotional problem, agression can be at least partly a training issue or it could be a medical problem such as pain. Animals who have been abused in the past suffer everyday with traumatizing memories that can set them in an aggressive state of mind. This defensive behavior is not to ignore. Abused animals are very unbalanced and can sometimes be very unpredictable. Try to send clear messages to the animal and give him the necessary freedom that it has claimed . A confident animal that is aggressive, wants less close and shows it to you clearly.

Holly, beech, Impatiens, Vine.

Holly    Mean, Helps for the feeling of jealousy

Vine    Bossy and/or Dominant

Impatiens (impatience, irritability)

Beech (intolerance)


Pet large 5-10 globules into drinking water
Pet small 2-5 globules into drinking water

For acute problems, 2-3 doses over 5 -7 days.

Chronic problems1-2 doses over 4 -6 weeks.

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