AST cats pill mini dose

  • AST cats pill mini dose

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To avoid the estrous cycle in cats

 Exp. 10-2019

The cats pill contains the active ingredient progesterone, megestrol acetate derivative characterized by long-term and strong progestational activity in oral use.

Megestrol acetate acts centrally on the pituitary gland, in females, the release of FSH and LH is blocked.

Do not use in proestrus, estrus or metestrus, infections of the genital organs, pregnant animals, diabetes mellitus and acromegaly and breast tumors.

* Only for use in adult animals  *

Maximum order quantity is 3 packs if you want more, this can only happen through prescription of your own veterinarian!

Prescription required
Homeovet Vet.Praxis free prescription service.

Each tablet contains 2 mg of megestrol acetate


Oral dosis 1 x 1 Tablet ( 2 mg of megestrol acetate) time a week, that is sufficient for the effective prevention of estrus (heat cycle) in the animal.

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