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Welcome to the clinic Medi Cent Enschede!
Clinic Medi Cent is a modern, well-equipped clinic for pets in Enschede o.l.v Dr.Vet. Merle Cornet.
With over 15 years of experience in veterinary vet knows Merle Cornet and her team, expertise and quality of connecting the care with personal attention for the animal and its owner.
A clear explanation and good communication is important to us, so you know exactly where you stand and can make the right choices.
Aftercare is an essential part of our service.
Our spacious and very modern clinic is equipped with extensive research and treatment options, such as digital r? Ntgen, ultrasound, laser surgery, IM3 dental treatment unit and blood analysis, laboratory, treatment and operating rooms.
We strive for optimal care for your pet, by service-oriented, accessible and be knowledgeable. You can visit the clinic for surgery, dentistry, blood tests, X-rays, and of course all the little inconveniences and controls.
In short, for all the care for your pet worming, flea control, vaccination operation until you have come to the right place.
In our clinic, we have a wide range of nutritional and dietary care.
Both the healthy dog and cat as the affected animal, we have a very complete range of products for various age categories and diseases. operating Rooms
Our clinic offers modern gasanesthesie. The animal of your vital functions are kept an eye during surgery through monitoring equipment, which include heart rate, oxygen and CO2 levels will be displayed.
Our clinic has the latest digital r? Ntgenapparatuur.
Here, the r? Ntgenfoto be? S developed digitally, so the photos that are instantly visible on a computer screen.
Our clinic in Enschede has a modern laboratory, which the veterinarian can examine include blood, urine and feces.
Waiting room
Although we mainly work as agreed at Dierenkliniek Medi Cent, it is sometimes necessary to wait. To waiting for your appointment with the vet as pleasant as possible, we have in addition to magazines and a coffee machine with a screen showing all digital information.
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