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Welcome to Homeovet Veterinary practise, we are offering an extensive assortment of zoo, pet  (large and small dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, and other domestic animals) cattle, horses ,equestrian products and a comprehensive program of animal homeopathy and medicine worldwide. ( choose your language with google translate button)

 You can expect top brands and quality products. We have what you and your pet need!

This we offer at attractive prices.

Our Veterinarians are committed to providing expert advice and assistance for our four legged, finned or feathered family members. Of course you should consult your veterinarian in acute cases/problems!!

K.M  Schoon.Veterinair Homeopaat
Dr.  V. Horvarth Lab Technician
Dr.  Veterinair G.van der Marel 

We also supply a wide range of wholesale products of top brands like; Beaphar, Emax Sectolin, Merial, Asta Medica, Novartis, Virbac, Bonapp, Heel, Simicur, Macsamuel, Supra Cell, MediScent, HKM, Busse, HomeoVet import division.

Hopefully our website helps you find what you need easy and efficiently, so you can spend more time with your beloved pets.

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